About the Marathon


The painters worked in a myriad of brilliant costumes to the tunes of local musicians and DJ’s. In the final hours of the marathon, team captains elicited a final lotus image from the paintings, bringing each of the three to a place of graceful resolution. The 1ST Annual Painting Marathon fundraiser brought in over $15,000 to provide student scholarships for the NCAS-I Service Learning trip to Cambodia in May, 2012.  The 2ND Annual event took place in November of 2012 and was as big of a success as the first.  Thanks to the overwhelming support from the community, the success of the annual painting marathon provides a sustainable future for our project!

The third annual NCAS-I painting marathon will take place November 8th – 10th; 6 pm Friday to 6 pm Sunday. Join us during the 48 hours of creativity, painting, music, wonderful company, and delicious refreshments. For more information on how to get involved, click here.

Enjoy a video from the 1ST Annual Painting Marathon in 2011:

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