Matchbox Artists: 2013

Jewelry Matchbox Art by Vivian Long

Jewelry Matchbox Art by Vivian Long

Untitled by Silvan Erb-Summers

Untitled by Silvan Erb-Summers

"Bridge Over Water" by Lloyd  Burch

“Bridge Over Water” by Lloyd Burch

"Enjoy Ashe"  by Sharon de la Cruz

“Enjoy Ashe” by Sharon de la Cruz

"Fire Flower" by Meg Sabella

“Fire Flower” by Meg Sabella

"Ode to my Father" by Luke Skywalker

“Ode to my Father” by Luke Skywalker

"Little Bag of Fire" by Liz Maher

“Little Bag of Fire” by Liz Maher

Untitled by Catherine Maize

Untitled by Catherine Maize

"Box of Birds" by Steve Sachs

“Box of Birds” by Steve Sachs

Teaching "Tolerance" by Silvan Erb-Summers

Teaching “Tolerance” by Silvan Erb-Summers

"Van Gogh's Box" by Amber Jarvis

“Van Gogh’s Box” by Amber Jarvis

"Jewelry Box" by Amber Langlinais

“Jewelry Box” by Amber Langlinais

"Schizophrenia's Ascent" by Sashi Gollub

“Schizophrenia’s Ascent” by Sashi Gollub

"Reflections of a Diva" by Jan Langlinais

“Reflections of a Diva” by Jan Langlinais

"Matchless Possibilities" by Margaret Donharl

“Matchless Possibilities” by Margaret Donharl

"The Guardian" by Jan Langlinais

“The Guardian” by Jan Langlinais

"Full Moon Over the Pond" by Deborah Keiser

“Full Moon Over the Pond” by Deborah Keiser

"Day of the Dead" by Ian McLaughlin

“Day of the Dead” by Ian McLaughlin

"Time Goes by so Slowly" by Marc Azoulay

“Time Goes by so Slowly” by Marc Azoulay

"Burned Out (Potential)" by Eileen Meslar

“Burned Out (Potential)” by Eileen Meslar

"Robot Heart" by Emma Ehrenthal

“Robot Heart” by Emma Ehrenthal

"Sent from Above" by Jessica Camperchioli

“Sent from Above” by Jessica Camperchioli

"Scuba Dave" by Jeremy Ellis

“Scuba Dave” by Jeremy Ellis

"Listening" by Silvan Erb-Summers

“Listening” by Silvan Erb-Summers

"Nurturing Current" by Jessica Lynn Eves

“Nurturing Current” by Jessica Lynn Eves

"Seascape" by Susan Brown

“Seascape” by Susan Brown

"$'s Death" by Vincent Bachert

“$’s Death” by Vincent Bachert

"Buddha Nature" by Gail Watson

“Buddha Nature” by Gail Watson

"Round" by Meagan Sokol

“Round” by Meagan Sokol

Untitled by Joanna Loftus

Untitled by Joanna Loftus

Untitled by Shannon Douglas Kimbro

Untitled by Shannon Douglas Kimbro

"Matchbox Magnets of Wonderland" by Chelsey Langlinais

“Matchbox Magnets of Wonderland” by Chelsey Langlinais

"Porcupine" by Sarah Kinn

“Porcupine” by Sarah Kinn

"Comfort Box" by the glamorous Alexa Pinsker

“Comfort Box” by the glamorous Alexa Pinsker

"Taj Mahal Flicker" by Alyssa Pinsker

“Taj Mahal Flicker” by Alyssa Pinsker

"Bee Aware"  by Theresa Beck

“Bee Aware” by Theresa Beck

"Cinderella Cinderella" by Michelle Bosco

“Cinderella Cinderella” by Michelle Bosco

"Entelechy" by Emily Wilson

“Entelechy” by Emily Wilson

"On Becoming" by Gretchen Miller

“On Becoming” by Gretchen Miller

"Fairy's Place" by Sara Forrest

“Fairy’s Place” by Sara Forrest

"The Key to the Sea" by Michelle Bosco

“The Key to the Sea” by Michelle Bosco

"Leo" by Francesco Marsili and Varuh Verova

“Leo” by Francesco Marsili and Varuh Verova

"Adversity as Fertilizer" by Chris Jewell

“Adversity as Fertilizer” by Chris Jewell

"Magic Pill" by Olivia Rosebarry

“Magic Pill” by Olivia Rosebarry

"Past/Present/Future/Past/Present/Future" by Mimi Nissan

“Past/Present/Future/Past/Present/Future” by Mimi Nissan

"Broken Up" by Emma Graham"

“Broken Up” by Emma Graham”

"Red" by Emily Jun

“Red” by Emily Jun

"Circle Triangle Square" by Whitney Haney

“Circle Triangle Square” by Whitney Haney

"Treekey" by Julia Barry

“Treekey” by Julia Barry

"La Guna" by Aleiya Evisan

“La Guna” by Aleiya Evisan

"Battle of the Sexes" by Hayleigh Criss

“Battle of the Sexes” by Hayleigh Criss

"Amber Chance" by Emily Robertson

“Amber Chance” by Emily Robertson

"My Heart Goes Out" by Katie Green

“My Heart Goes Out” by Katie Green

"I Burned My Hand Pouring My Heart Out but it's ok Because I'm Reminded I Can Feel" by Sarai Nissan

“I Burned My Hand Pouring My Heart Out but it’s ok Because I’m Reminded I Can Feel” by Sarai Nissan

"Disruption Brings Enlightenment" by Audrey Godell

“Disruption Brings Enlightenment” by Audrey Godell


“Reveal the Destination” by Kelly Manning


“Hey Girl” by Liz Maher


“Poppies” by Erin Shannon


“Cloud Box” by Ian Stewart


“Shine” by Shelly Johnson


“Windmill” by Andy Griffith


“June” by Amy Lowright


“Don’t Gamble with my Heart” by Nikola Yager


“Matches in a box” by Emilie Bryant


“Snow Village” by Kristen Ferguson


“Global Sisters T” by Katie Hanczaryk


“Mother & Daughter: Test Strip Redux” by Kirsten Boole-Anthony


“All the World’s a Stage” by Kelly Manning


“Shrine” by Dottie Oatman


“Embrace your Dreams” by Grace Shyrock


“Once in a Blue Moon” by Kendra Schpok


“Faerie Garden” by Erik Hamilton


“When” by Charlotte Zink


“Wild Woman Takes to the Sky” by Ann Kruglak


Emersyn Carter-Nathan


“Limony Pachyderm on a Perfect Package” by Hilary Stojak


“Hanging Love Charm” by Merryl Rothaus


“Hot Seat” by Julie Ireland


“Bicycle” by Nicholas Applegate


“Zebrallina” by Dottie Oatman

"Sitting with the Unknown" by Christine Demarco

“Sitting with the Unknown” by Christine Demarco

"The Shelter in Me" by Mirah Shah

“The Shelter in Me” by Mirah Shah

"The Blue Jay" by ML Learned

“The Blue Jay” by ML Learned

Untitled by Paul Barchilon

Untitled by Paul Barchilon

Untitled by Lisa Schaewe

Untitled by Lisa Schaewe

"Spark" by Linda Gleitz

“Spark” by Linda Gleitz

"Matchbox Madonna in the Yard" by Shelly Goddard

“Matchbox Madonna in the Yard” by Shelly Goddard

"Undead Delight" by Sarah Shipman

“Undead Delight” by Sarah Shipman

"A Little Burlesque" by Sarah Shipman

“A Little Burlesque” by Sarah Shipman

"Nature's Calling" by Emersyn Carter-Nathan

“Nature’s Calling” by Emersyn Carter-Nathan

"Merm the Cat'" by Chelsea Pohl

“Merm the Cat'” by Chelsea Pohl

“Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Paula Peacock

"She Who Gives Birth" by Mimi Farrelly-Hansen

“She Who Gives Birth” by Mimi Farrelly-Hansen

"Miss Piggy Good Luck Charm" by Diane Wood

“Miss Piggy Good Luck Charm” by Diane Wood

"Relax" by Avery Carter-Nathan

“Relax” by Avery Carter-Nathan

"Small Treasure" by Jane Friday

“Small Treasure” by Jane Friday

“Gift of the Methuselah” by Stephanie Hilvitz

"The Trade Winds"by Sara Brown

“The Trade Winds”
by Sara Brown

“Little Pieces”
by Steven Homsher

"A Reconciliation"by Regina Stribbling

“A Reconciliation”
by Regina Stribbling

"Lotus"by Suzanne Frazier

by Suzanne Frazier

"Channeling Athena"by Jen Berlingo

“Channeling Athena”
by Jen Berlingo

"Was Once Alive"by Sue Wallingford

“Was Once Alive”
by Sue Wallingford

"Ray of Sunlight"by Novella Berlingo

“Ray of Sunlight”
by Novella Berlingo

Matchbox SandtrayBy Michael Putzel

“Matchbox Sandtray” by Michael Putzel

"A Fairies House"by Sue Wallingford

“A Fairies House”
by Sue Wallingford

"Landing Owl"by Michel Reynolds

“Landing Owl”
by Michel Reynolds

Picture taken from a Matchbox Pinhole Camera
by Stephanie Andres

by Daniel Blausey

Shrine to "She" by Marlow Brooks

Shrine to “She” by Marlow Brooks


Behind the Nimbus Wall by Kelly Manning

"Reveal the Destination" by Kelly Manning

“Reveal the Destination” by Kelly Manning

"Red Indulgence" by Bettina Straub

“Red Indulgence” by Bettina Straub

"The Space Inside" by Abby Jacobs

“The Space Inside” by Abby Jacobs

Don't Feed the Anger! by Sue Wallingford

Don’t Feed the Anger! by Sue Wallingford

"Fire of Desire"  by Marc Azovlay

“Fire of Desire” by Marc Azoulay

"Ancient Scroll Relic"  by Sue Wallingford

“Ancient Scroll Relic” by Sue Wallingford

"Bunny Heart" by James Huffman

“Bottle Rocket” by James Huffman

Mossy Beans by Bettina Straub

“Mossy Beans” by Bettina Straub

"Action Figure" by Nili Shai-Mor

“Action Figure” by Nili Shai-Mor

"Follow the Yellow Brick Road"  by Joanna Loftus

“Follow the Yellow Brick Road” by Joanna Loftus

Princess and the Pea by Sue Wallingford

“Princess and the Pea” by Sue Wallingford

“Raft of the Medusa” by James Huffman

“Jar-assic Park” by James Huffman

“Follow Rivers” by James Huffman

“Watch the Stars Burn” by James Huffman


“Pterodactyl” by James Huffman

“Mona Lisa” by Bethany Wells

“Fire Burn!” by Bryan Kramer


"Shadow Box Theater" by Sue Wallingford

“Shadow Box Theater” by Sue Wallingford

"My Cow and Me" by Sue Wallingford

“My Cow and Me” by Sue Wallingford

"My Dog and Me" by Sue Wallingford

“My Dog and Me” by Sue Wallingford

"My Monkey and Me" by Sue Wallingford

“My Monkey and Me” by Sue Wallingford

"Humpty Dumpty" by Sue Wallingford

“Humpty Dumpty” by Sue Wallingford

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