NCAS-I expands the boundaries of the Naropa University Community Art Studio from local to global. Rooted in the principle of collaboration and a belief in the innate wisdom, creativity, and interdependence of all, we, the art therapy graduate students and faculty, seek active engagement with social justice organizations around the world. We will use art therapy practices to help relieve suffering and maintain a vision of unity, as guests and learners in the communities we serve.

IMG_4720 final

Soaring Hearts Painting from the 2012 Painting Marathon

Would you like to sponsor us through a donation?  The purpose of fundraising for NCAS-I is to provide scholarships for the students who are building this program. By sponsoring us you are contributing to our efforts to make this program a reality. We hope to raise enough money to provide scholarships for the next 3 years, guaranteeing the continuation of the partnership with Transitions and the development of international art therapy research. Please consider sponsoring us in this work.  You can make a donation through the following link:  www.crowdrise.com/ncas-i

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