Staff Spotlight: Jenna Noah


Jenna Noah: Conference Organizer

We believe that the best experiences in life only grow more meaningful when shared, so we are highlighting members of our incredible community.

Allow us to introduce you to Jenna Noah.

Jenna is our conference organizer and volunteer liaison on staff for our 2018 Nourish Conference in Cambodia!


Boulder Therapy Center: Providing Psychological Services in the Front Range

She has an in-person and videoconferencing therapeutic practice for individuals and couples called The Boulder Therapy Center focusing on sexuality, relationship, and gender.

Check out her individual page at


The Alchemy of Movement: Dance for Joy!



Also in Boulder, CO she owns a dance studio called The Alchemy of Movement.



Take a look at her interview below to learn more about this dynamic therapist and member of our Partners for Social Justice team!


Partners for Social Justice (PSJ): Where/how did you grow-up? How has where/how you’ve grown-up affected you?

Jenna Noah (JN): I grew up in Northern California in a large and boisterous family. I am the eldest of five children. I think being the eldest in such a large family impacted me in a lot of ways. For example, I am often in leadership roles, serve on several boards, and enjoy creating businesses and problem solving. Not to mention being from a large family means you can often hear my laugh from across a room (I am the one who is most often hushed in restaurants).

PSJ: Where are you living right now? What is your favorite part about where you are living now?

JN: I live in a beautiful Victorian off Pearl St. in Boulder. I love the mountain air, skiing, the community, dancing, and the amazing artists that surround me.

PSJ: Where did you go to school?

JN: I went to undergraduate at UCSD, I did my Masters at Naropa University, I am currently a PhD student at Saybrook University.

PSJ: What is your occupation? What is your favorite part about what you do?

JN: I have a therapeutic practice and therapeutic center that is called The Boulder Therapy Center.  I see couples and individuals both in person and online surrounding the topic of sexuality, relationship, and gender in my practice.  Additionally, I own an amazing dance studio called Alchemy of Movement.

PSJ: What is your role with Partners for Social Justice?

JN: I am a conference organizer for Partners for Social Justice.

PSJ: How did you hear about Partners for Social Justice (neé Naropa Community Art Studio -International)?

JN: I heard about this organization several years ago. I organized a Valentine’s Day dance show that was a charity benefit that helped raise money for the organization. Since that time, I have regularly supported the painting marathon fundraiser, another charity benefit project that has helped raise funds for this organization, as a M.C. and support. I have been very called to support victims of sex trafficking in Cambodia for some time. I mentioned my intention to Sue last year and she invited me aboard to help out with this year’s trip.

PSJ: Have you been to Cambodia before?

JN: I have been to Thailand, China, and Malaysia on different occasions I have never been to Cambodia.

PSJ: What part of Partners for Social Justice’s mission and values speaks to you most? Why are you passionate about this work?

JN: I am specifically inspired by the conference topic of care for the caregiver. I find that even in Boulder working in the helping field can have a tax on my wellbeing at times. Self-care is pivotal in remaining healthy and balanced. The type of trauma that healing professionals are treating in Cambodia is unlike what we are accustomed to in the states. I feel that offering a conference of this type is unlike anything that has been done before and there is a great deal of interest and need for this work.

PSJ: Are you coming to the 2018 Nourish conference in Cambodia? If so, how are you feeling about it?

JN: Yes! I am thrilled!

And we’re thrilled to have Jenna leading the way to our 1st Nourish Wellbeing Conference in Cambodia next month!




Interview conducted by volunteer Maren Corbly.

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