How Does Human Trafficking Happen? One Girl’s Story of Trafficking in Jharkhand


Meet Suman Tutti, an 11 year old girl from India who was tricked into leaving her home with the promise of a way to support her family as well as a good education. Instead of a job and schooling, Suman Tutti was sold to a human trafficking ring for $24.

Tutti wound up working as a maid against her will; she was kept locked in a basement room and was sexually assaulted. Thankfully, Tutti was able to escape her captors and made it back home to her family. Many young girls are not so lucky, and those who are, are often not accepted back into their families; they are considered to be contaminated once sexually violated.

Girls like Suman Tutti are in desperate need of help. NCAS-I partner Lotus Outreach is dedicated to doing just that.  Lotus Outreach works with more than 30,000 at risk women and children in India and Cambodia, helping them get access to healthcare, education, and more opportunity. Join us, and organizations like Lotus Outreach, in our efforts to support girls like Suman Tutti and our dream of global social justice.

For a full article in India Ink, please see the link here.


Kumar, Raksha. (2013, September 23). Human trafficking continues to ravage Jharkhand. India Ink. Retrieved from

Lotus Outreach (2012) website

Blog courtesy of Whitney Haney and Aiya Staller

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