Unsung Heroes: Cambodia

Featured in Unsung Heroes: Cambodia – dear friend of the NCAS-I Arn Chorn Pond, and our partner organization, Anjali House.


Check out this collection of inspiring stories about social justice efforts in Cambodia!  Put together by Lee Anderson, Kerryan Griffin and Shawna Hartley, these stories share a mission dear to our hearts; supporting the Cambodian people’s gradual rebuilding of their home after having their basic human rights grossly violated.  The book also provides insight on how to take on similar vital activist roles.

Here is some background information on the NGO’s in Cambodia and how the Unsung Heroes highlights their role in the country.

The Unsung Heroes homepage also provides access to this exciting new release!  A recent article in the Phnom Penh Post provides a celebratory post in tribute to the grassroots organizations that aid development of the kingdom.

We would love to hear about grassroots organizations that are making a difference in your community as well.

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