It is so exciting to see what folks are doing to their little matchboxes, transforming them into art masterpieces, true to the events name SMALL RESOURCES = BIG POSSIBILITIES!

Below are just a few of the pieces we have to auction off at our SMALL RESOURCES = BIG POSSIBILITIES  gala on April 12.

This one is by Suzanne Frazier, Longmont Artist, entitled “Lotus.”  Her tribute our partner organization, Lotus Outreach.


Did you know a matchbox can be magic too?  Here are a couple of photographs taken by Stephanie Andre’s matchbox turned pinhole camera!  Can’t wait to see this one.


This one is by our youngest artist, 6 year old Novi Berlingo, though she is not new to the art field. This is her second time putting her art out for the world to see.  Thank you Novi for this beautiful piece.  I want to crawl in this one and fall fast asleep!  Novi is going to be famous some day for her art so you better bid on hers at the gala!


And this one is by Novi’s Mom, Jen Berlingo, one of our very own alumni and the creator of the very popular blog site PAINT, CUT, PASTE .  Jen is an art therapist out in California and continues to stay connected to us!  We love you Jen!


These matchbox’es made by Sue Wallingford were turned into little books and comes with felted animals to go with them.  Teeny Tiny little sweeties!  The one on the end, is a creation of Sue’s dog Rumi, and even has some of his real hair in the tail.


This one is called “She Shrine,” and is created by Marlow Brooks.  She made this at our Painting Marathon, and she will be making another piece for us too.  Marlow will be at the Gala to talk about the mission and work of Lotus Outreach.


Every day we get more in …. stay tuned for more.

And mark your calendar now for the Small Resources = Big Possibilities Gala


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