She is beauty, let her be.          ~Kate

I was struck with this little message I found on my walk in Phnom Penh today … when least expecting it, and when I took the time to look close.  I felt grateful for this little reminder as I peered through the little window.  It made me smile and helped me to consider the important message this phrase portrays and how we can never have our inherent beauty reflected enough. I wondered who left it and how many people have stumbled upon it and how this random message impacted those who see it?

Tomorrow I will begin my work with Transitions, doing art therapy self-care with the staff and art based assessments with the girls.  I want to carry this message with me somehow, so they can see the beauty they have too.

Thank you to the person who left that message.  Thanks for noticing even when you don’t get to see the results.  And what’s through the window?


One thought on “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

  1. You are so incredibly beautiful, this work is beautiful and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Sending you love and light Sue!!!

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