Painting Marathon 2012: Meet Team “SOARING HEARTS”

Have you chosen a team to support for the NCAS-I Painting Marathon of 2012?  We’d like you to meet team Soaring Hearts!  They are one of three teams representing the Naropa Community Art Studio-International…and we’re pretty sure you’re going to LOVE them!


What does Team SOARING HEARTS have to say?

“Hearts that soar
are wanting more
For the women and girls
who silently roar.

We protest by paintbrush!
all day and all night
To raise enough money
to fund our long flight.

Together we’ll serve
to heal and empower
For nothing can stop
our hearts by the hour.

Soaring Hearts Rise Up!”

Who’s leading this fun-loving team to victory?  None other than the amazing Bethany Wells and Erin Shannon!  Read about these NCAS-I rock stars here!

We know you want to DONATE to Team Soaring Hearts, so go ahead, click on the link below and be our guests!

Like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the 2012 Painting Marathon happenings!

Please email with any questions.

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