Catching Up: Matchboxes with the girls of Transitions


These photographs are a bit late in going up however we wanted to make sure we posted about our last few art workshops with Transitions. Our final group with the girls was the Matchboxes group. We gave the girls matchboxes with miniature felted animals. The felted animals were created by the NCAS-I team as a closing gift. We asked them to create a home or a space for their animal. Over the course of two hours we watched the girls create intricate and elaborate homes for their creatures. They built furniture, caves, nests, and cozy spots. They delicately placed ornaments and pieces of landscape. They gave their creatures food and protectors. Some were safe from danger. Some were shy and tucked away. Some were playful and silly.

Saying good-bye to the girls was sad and difficult. For many of us it felt like we wanted more time to get to know each other. However we knew from the beginning of the trip this was not the intention of these groups. Both our group and Transitions staff wanted to be careful with how we approached and handled attachment issues and felt it would be irresponsible to build attachments over three weeks and then leave abruptly. Yet we did attach- we cared very much for the girls we worked with and were increasingly excited to spend time with them. They were excited to see us and work with us. Over the course of working with the girls we saw profound creativity, resourcefulness, and benefits of art materials in working with this population. As we continue to process and wrap up our time with Transitions we remain honored and awed by the experiences we shared there.

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