Sharing Joy

By: Katie Hanczaryk


“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared” – Buddha

I really cannot sum up in words my experience in offering needle felting to the staff at Transitions. This poem arose out of a completely heart opening experience for me. I feel the therapeutic benefits of needle felting are numerous, from the ability to self-sooth, and explore unbridled creative self-expression. So little teaching is needed, and the results are simply stunning. For me, needle felting has helped with addiction, anxiety, depression, restlessness, and anger to name a few. In my clients I have seen complete sustained engagement and sublimation. I believe that the staff at Transitions benefited from this experience by being able to ‘loose themselves’ in the process for over an hour (we went 25 minutes over, because no one could put down their needle, continuing to work frantically to finish their creations). It was a magical event for me, and every time I show someone how to needle felt, I feel like a mid-wife assisting in the process of birth.

I offer a poem from my experience:

One day I was given a gift.

This gift acts as a container for self-expression, isolation and loneliness,

Which continues to spread like wildfire to the community and around the world.


Time passes in a heartbeat.

How many hours has it been?

Still, not enough.


Focused as if our lives depended on it.

Rushing to complete, but taking our precious time.


Hard and fast,

Slow and steady,

This gift is all accommodating.


My ego asks to become involved in the process –

Wanting to get in on the action.

But luckily this simple act speaks for itself,

And everyone is content.

My ego quiets to the sound.


How did I stubble upon this?

I contemplate how lucky I am, and feel it is my duty to share.


Soft and sharp,

Loose and tight,

There are infinite possibilities.

I have found my medium.


Cuteness is OK.

Anger is OK.

Frustration is welcomed, as is confusion and chaos.

All is housed in the wool.


Group cohesion through one simple act.

No words to describe the experience, only little treasures as a result.

I am in love.


One day I was given a gift.

It is my heartfelt honor to share the joy.


Thank You.

2 thoughts on “Sharing Joy

  1. Thanks for sharing your joy with the larger global community- The beautiful tiny felted creations seemed to me to speak “louder than words” about the openness and caring of the NCAS-I team and staff at Transitions- the smiles and joy came across loud and clear! Keep on Keeping on!

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