Journal Making Workshop at Transitions!

Blog by Sue Wallingford



Today we did our first workshop with the girls at Transitions. Hard to say who was more excited, us or them!  We decided to make handmade journals for our first activity with the girls because we wanted them to have a “special place” that they could write or draw to express their feelings.  We had lots of beautiful materials for them to chose from in making their journals and they diligently worked for most the 2 hours making beautiful and personal books.  Because it was a small group today we got to spend quality time getting to know the girls.  They were a little timid at first, and we were too, but by the end of our time together they had warmed up and were teaching us all kinds of Khymer words!  We learned how to say, “Hello, how are you, thank you, I’m hungry and I’m sleepy and lots of other phrases.  The girls giggled a lot as we struggled to pronounce their very vowel filled language (they have 23 vowels), but they were patient with us and encouraged us when we got it right!  It was lots of fun and we are already in love with these girls and look forward to spending the next few days with them.

One reason we love this organization so much is because of the care they take in keeping the girls safe and their stories private.  It is important to the staff at Transitions that there is no further oppression in their lives and that they will never again have to be exploited.  Therefore, you will not see any faces in the pictures of the girls we work with at transitions, or any other identifying information.

We are loving your comments and words of encouragement.  Please keep checking in ….there is lots more to come….tomorrow we will be painting a mural and having game night!

6 thoughts on “Journal Making Workshop at Transitions!

  1. I LOVE seeing pictures of the art making! Thank you for taking the time to share with all of us following anxiously at home!

  2. Look forward everyday to read of your activities. Such wonderful experiences for all of you. I am a tad envious!

  3. Keep up the great work! Are the NCAS-I team members keeping journals? I love keeping a journal when I am a traveler and reflecting back on it years later- Remember-please– Part of our hearts are with you! I am working and planting our vegetable and flower garden in Nova Scotia and have named it this year -Girls in Cambodia- in their honor. Each day when I tend the garden I practice–/send loving kind thoughts your way– So far the raddishes and mesclun have come up–you all are inspiring others’ creativity in ways you didn’t even know! At sunrise this morning I planted 10 tomatoe plants–Thank you!!! ps- I have also kept a garden journal book since 1994 and treasure the photos, sketches, sec rets written and memories-You will be the stars in the garden book this year!

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