“The Arts Never Lie.” – The Ragamuffin Project

The Ragamuffin Project on Creative Arts Therapy:

“The arts never lie – the art we make acts as a mirror to our inner lives. As such, it goes to the source of our distress whilst enabling us to safely express chaotic and painful feelings. The process brings order, like making a home beautiful again after someone has broken in and ruined everything. As we begin to understand why we feel so low, or just repeat the same mistakes again and again, or think ourselves useless and worthless we can begin to choose something new for our lives. Each little revelation makes restoration possible. The restoration of hope, of self-belief, re-gaining balance and finding peace. Pain can be transformed into power – the power to change things for good.”

Artwork from the Ragamuffin Project, by artist Toha Hasan

The NCAS-I will have the privilege of spending time with The Ragamuffin Project in Cambodia very soon!  The Ragamuffin Project consists of a group of qualified, registered and accredited Arts Therapists working with statutory and voluntary sector organizations in the UK, Cambodia, Russia and Peru.  Please peruse their webpage here if you would like more information on their work.

(Quote and images from: http://www.ragamuffinproject.org/services/creative-arts-therapy/)

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