Meet Molika

Black, White, and Pink– The perfect color combination according to Molika!

Molika is one of many rescued girls at Transitions the NCAS-I looks forward to meeting in Cambodia.  Molika also loves karaoke with her friends, would love to develop her skills in art, dreams of raising a family, and aspires to become a social worker and help girls like her.  Read on below:

Molika was rescued and began her journey of restoration at the Transitions Dream Home in August of 2010.

Molika likes the taste of salty fish and vegetables. She believes black, white and pink to be perfect combination of colors, and loves her time with friends — especially singing karaoke!

Molika thinks traveling to the USA would be a great experience, seeing tall buildings and exploring new places. If she had the money to spend she would enjoy shopping for a handbag and a cute pair of little heels.

Molika enjoys art and would love to develop skills in this area. Her dreams include raising a family of her own and becoming a social worker so she can help other rescued girls. Molika studies rigorously to help these dreams come true.

We can’t wait to meet you, Molika! 

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