Art Activities in Cambodia…Donations Welcome!

Are you curious about the art activities we have planned for our trip to Cambodia in a few weeks?  Check out our ideas below!  We will be using them with the girls at Transitions and a local orphanage:

Medicine Bags, Handmade Journals, Felted Animals, Pendant Charms with Beads, Worry Dolls, T-Shirts, Basket Weavings, Shadow Puppets and Theaters, Self Care Pouches

What do you think about this “Wee Mouse Tin House” idea from mmmcrafts for the felted animals and worry dolls?  Cozy little beds made from Altoids cans!

We want the girls at Transitions and the local orphanage to be able to continue making art after we leave, so we will be putting together art bags with various supplies for some of the activities above.  The NCAS-I welcomes any of the following donations:

9 X 12 Pad of good quality paper, Boxes of oil pastels and chalk pastels, Watercolor sets, Colored pencils, Markers, Paintbrushes (various sizes), Good cutting scissors, Fabric glue, Glue sticks, Small bottles of white school glue, Decorative items (ribbon, yarn, sequins, beads, feathers, glitter, fabric scraps), Sewing needles and thread, Wool for needle felting, Felting needles, T-Shirts (size small), Bendable wire for making armature, Pretty paper and collage images, Black construction paper, Large popsicle sticks, Mat board (for journal covers), Book binding needles, Essential oils and herbs.

Phew!  If you’re interested in making a donation, send us a message on the blog or on Facebook…and tell your friends!
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