Meet So Na…and a Success Story!

We have introduced you to a few of the girls we will be meeting upon our arrival at Transitions in Cambodia.  Meet So Na – who would love to travel to the USA someday and see our Colorado snow – and Nisa, a real success story!  We look forward to helping with continued success through our partnership with Transitions

So Na of the Transitions Dream Home

So Na was rescued and began her journey of restoration at the Transitions Dream Home in February of 2008.

So Na loves vegetables and soups of all kinds, but her favorite food of all is chicken. She enjoys spending time with her friends and watching Chinese and funny movies.

So Na thinks she would really enjoy a trip to the USA. She would love to see real snow in person, and learning to ski would be very cool. If she had extra money, she admits she would buy school supplies, knowing that high school graduation is coming this year!

So Na plans to attend university after high school and focus on becoming either a nurse or a social worker. Ultimately, she desires to work in a job where she is able to help other girls. She dreams of marrying a good man, owning a home and having children.

Nisa, A 2012 Transitions Graduate!

Rescued & Restored!
Nisa was rescued and began her journey of restoration at the Transitions Dream Home in May 2010. She has since graduated in 2012 and begun her new life and dreams! She graduated from culinary school and is now working as a chef in a top boutique hotel. She is able to rent her own apartment and is enjoying her new life of independence and freedom from the darkness of human trafficking. Thanks to her sponsors and the Transitions Dream Home Team, she has new hope, a better future and no longer needs sponsoring!

Nisa is no longer a victim, she is a survivor and world changer! 

We will try to introduce you to all of the girls before we leave, so check back soon!

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