Finishing Up, Looking Forward

So many events have taken place in the last few days and we are looking forward to so many more.  On May 4, the 2nd Year Art Therapy students displayed their artwork in a show entitled, “An Art-E-Fact Excavation.”  On May 7, all art therapy graduate students finished up the last of final exams.  In the next two days, May 9-10, the 3rd Year Art Therapy students will present, “Weaving a Tapestry,” the 2012 Naropa University Art Therapy Oral Presentations.  Finally, a graduation celebration on May 12 will culminate three years of hard work for the 3rd Year Art Therapy students!  What’s next?  Finalize the the last details of the service learning trip to Cambodia departing in just over 2 weeks!  Ten students who have now completed the 2nd and 3rd year of the graduate Art Therapy program, along with Sue Wallingford, Assistant Professor of Art Therapy, will be traveling very soon!

Here are a few things keeping the NCAS-I inspired as we finish up the academic school year and look forward to what the future holds:

Sue received her copy today!   Purchase here.

An inspiring speech by Somaly Mam, “A Survivor’s Journey, on Oslo Freedom Forum (once you’ve followed the link, you can scroll down the page to read Somaly Mam’s account in Session 3: Slavery in the Shadows).  You can purchase her book, The Road of Lost Innocence:  The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine, here.

Painting by Battambang artist Thor Vutha

Contemporary art blossoming in Cambodia!                                                            (Image from

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