A Look at Contemporary Artists in Cambodia

In hopes of offering sustainable art practices for participants and staff at Transitions, as well as for those working in the community, one of our intentions for the upcoming trip to Cambodia is to research contemporary arts and culture.  For now, we’re doing our research from home, searching the internet for inspiration…

An excerpt from a 2009 CNN article Cambodian art: Past to present describes the artistic community in Cambodia:

Cambodia, which lost an estimated one-quarter of its population or at least 1.7 million people — including an estimated 90 percent of its artists — under the 1970s Khmer Rouge regime, has a small but growing artistic community: there are some 50 practicing artists out of its 14 million people, according to Phnom Penh-based curator Erin Gleeson.

Here’s a look at the artwork of a few of Cambodia’s contemporary artists:

Sopheap Pich
"Cycle 2, Version 3," 2008, Rattan and Wire, from http://trfineart.com

Leang Seckon
"Cambodian Faces," 2010, Mixed Media on Canvas, from http://www.rossirossi.com

Chan Dany
"Kbach Phni Vois," Pencil Shavings on Wood, from http://www.10chancerylanegallery.com

Duong Saree
"Untitled," 2005, Oil on Canvas, from http://saklapel.org

A more recent article, Cambodia’s art revolution reaches global market, includes even more artists!

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