Meet Sok Pisey

Sok Pisey was rescued and began her journey of restoration at the Transitions Dream Home in July of 2010.

Sok Pisey loves the Cambodian dish Lok Lak filled with beef, tomato, onion and shallots stir-fried with an egg on top. The water park in Phnom Penh is a special place for Sok Pisey because of the joy it brings when she gets to spend time there. After the water park, her next favorite activity is making up her face to look pretty!

Sok Pisey thinks she would enjoy having a dog of her own to care for, one with a cute face to fall in love with. She aspires for happiness and forgiveness in her family in the future.

Sok Pisey dreams of using the cooking skills the house moms have taught her to become a chef. She would like to have a good job, knowing how important it is to have an income for food and to support her own family.

If you’re interested in learning more about the women Transitions works with or in sponsoring a girl, click here.

Note: Transitions no longer uses photographs of the girls they work with; initially the only photographs they used were of girls who requested to tell their stories and be spokespeople for Transitions. Recently, due to increasing awareness of the ways images of girls who have been trafficked can be used in diminishing and exploitive ways, Transitions decided to replace photographs with artist renderings of the girls. We think this is awesome.

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