Meet Matchbox Artist Suzanne Frazier

Artist Statement

“The paintings sometimes have the look of a Rothko color field painting.
Suzanne’s goal is not to depict a scene.
It’s to depict her contemplation of a scene.”
Quentin Young, Longmont Times-Call

With my work, I invite you to a peaceful place, reminding you to look around the corner of buildings and through the tree branches, to the sky filled with clouds and beautiful sunrise/sunset colors, that mystics call, the “crack in the sky between heaven and earth”. It is a special time of day, when the numinous is present, and one feels awe and beauty.

As a contemplative artist, the seed of inspiration arises from within the depths of my soul and moves into the creative process when I assimilate an ordinary life experience into my contemplative exploration.

After years of research and meditation, I arrived at a definition for contemplative art:

the product of creative expression arising out of the pure joy of creating, grounded in a contemplative connection to the “radiance and perfection” of spirit known only through one’s experience of being fully human.

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