Inspired: Chab Dai’s work with sex trafficking in Cambodia

Chab Dai is a collaboration of organizations working to fight sex trafficking. Founded in Cambodia in 2005,  the organization aims to bring an end to trafficking and sexual exploitation through coalition building, community prevention, advocacy and research. In addition to our office in Cambodia, the vision of Chab Dai has been expanded into the USA and Canada. (from their website

They just released the 2nd annual report on re-integration of victims of trafficking. In this report Chab Dai conducts interviews with survivors of trafficking in an effort to understand what is most helpful to them, what contributes to resilience, where survivors are vulnerable, and what their major concerns are.

Below are a few quotes from the report. These quotes reflect some of the thoughts and struggles survivors of sex trafficking deal with in the process of re-integrating into their communities. You can view the full report here: Chab Dai Report 

“Now I know that there are good people and bad people in the world. After my bad
experience I thought there were only bad people in the world, but now I know that
there are both kinds. I think getting counseling is helping me to learn to trust good
In-depth Interview, Female in RP (RP stands for Residential Program)

“We should hide in the shelter and wait until the problem we had in our past goes away,
and as it goes we can forget about the people outside as they forget about us. So when
we come out [of the shelter] we can know we are not the same even if society still says
we are bad.”
In-depth Interview, Female in RP

“I don’t know how much she earned as a sex work but I know having sex with men was
breaking her heart. Her only goal was to get enough money to support her parents.”
In-depth Interview, Female in RP

“My friend returned to sex work. She said she did because she could only !nd work on
other people’s farms and could only earn 10000R per day and that was not enough to
survive. She said she could earn more money doing sex work. I think she can earn money
now but when she get old and if she gets HIV her life will not end good.”
In-depth Interview, Female in RP

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