Transitions Global Presents Shine Career School

Transitions Global has been working on a big new initiative. The Shine Career School will offer career training to girls who have been sex trafficking in Cambodia. The school will serve girls from Transitions Global as well as from other after care programs.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

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Transitions Shine Career School

At Transitions we believe every girl in our program deserves the highest level of dignity and opportunity we can provide. We also believe every girl is capable of achieving her dreams with the right support and encouragement.  We don’t allow girls to settle for what society has told them they are capable of, like sewing and handy-crafts; we know they can do so much more.

Every girl in our program studies English and computer technology and then goes on to find her dream. Shine Career School provides a firsthand opportunity to train girls in any career field they choose, and will serve to overcome the gap in training choices, by providing a high quality learning environment.  Shine will facilitate teaching opportunities for professionals around the world, in a variety of fields, to come to Cambodia and teach, while empowering survivors with the skills and knowledge they need to take control of their lives.

Shine will mirror our current program model and be fully social work focused and trauma-informed, toward healthy reintegration into Cambodian society. Our goal is to give girls the best opportunity to achieve their dreams and  have a successful future, while assisting graduates in job placement or business start-up, ensuring the highest chance of success.

They will be offering training in…

♥  Soft Skills/Job Readiness
♥  Modern Photography
♥  Running a Small Business
♥  Social Work
♥  Leadership
♥  Media and Communications
♥  Medical Assistance
♥  Fashion Design
♥  Modern Art

To offer your professional skills to Shine Career School, please email:

Modern photography?!  Fashion Design?! Modern Art?! Well, the NCAS-I team is definitely excited and full of creative ideas…

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