Meet Art Therapist Pat Allen!

art by Pat Allen

We are so excited to have internationally recognized art therapist Pat Allen contributing a matchbox inspired art piece to our Small Resources = Big Possibilities Art Auction! The auction is happening March 17, 7:30 PM at the Oddfellows Lodge (above the Army Navy Store on Pearl St.).

Check out her website here:

“Pat was born in 1952 in West Orange, New Jersey. She grew up next door to a cemetery and has distinct memories of watching funerals from her bedroom window. She attended Catholic school through her first two years of college and retains a great fondness for the incense and imagery of the Catholic Church.

At her grammar school, Our Lady of Lourdes, Pat watched the films “Bernadette of Lourdes” and “The Life of Christ” probably hundreds of times as one or the other was shown whenever inclement weather prevented lunchtime recess outside. These films had an enormous impact, as Pat assumed that both films were documentaries.

Pat perfected the art of leaving her body at an early age, a skill she employed regularly in adolescence in lieu of access to more conventional means of altering consciousness. Pat’s interest Judaism led her to convert to that faith in 1979. After marrying, she and her husband John traveled to Israel where they lived on Kibbutz Ein Gedi for six months.

Pat became adept at traveling into the space where all images reside, what C.G. Jung calls the collective unconscious. Eventually art making became her preferred path back and forth between the spiritual and material worlds.

A path to the skyPat has lived for many years with her husband John and daughter Adina in Oak Park, IL and while they still maintain a presence in Oak Park, their center of gravity has shifted to a home in Ojai, California. Pat’s research in co-creating with nature via the Studio Process takes place on their property and in the nearby foothills of the Los Padres mountains. Pat and Adina continue to collaborate on creative projects, including combining the Studio Process with the Jewish text study method of chevruta. Their first endeavor was studying the text of Shemot (Book of Exodus) with the intention of surfacing the untold stories of the women characters. Adina, currently a fourth year rabbinical student at Hebrew College in Boston, MA, is actively teaching the Studio Process in many Jewish educational venues as a means to generate new commentary on traditional sacred texts. (from”

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