Transitions Global Has a New Look

If you watched the TED talk by Transitions Global founder James Pond you know one of the unique components of their aftercare program is the value placed on a girl’s dreams. This emphasis is much of what contributes to Transitions’ 80% success rate, which means 80% of girls who go through their program do not return to commercial sex work. This is an amazing success rate for an aftercare program. Many other programs teach life skills to the survivors they care for; however those skills are often things like tailoring or jewelry making- skills that are valuable for women in many of these cultures but often do not provide the finances or the motivation to stay off the streets. Transitions Global takes a different approach- they ask their girls to dream and Transitions finds ways to support their goals. The girls find out their dreams are powerful and unique.  This empowerment is a crucial part of their transition to a sustainable life off the streets.

To communicate their level of commitment to these dreams Transitions has a new website! Check it out here:

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