Meet local artist Dan Friedlander

Art by Dan Friedlander

As the Small Resources = Big Possibilities Art Auction gets closer we are getting very, very excited about the local artists who have agreed to create a matchbox inspired piece of art.  Each artist receives a small bag with a matchbox and a few inspirational items. The only requirement for the final art piece is that it incorporate the matchbox somewhere, somehow. Small Resources = Big Possibilities was part of Sue Wallingford’s (NCASI coordinating faculty) initial vision for this project. The matchboxes were purchased with a $50 gift from her mother and with Sue’s dream to see the Naropa art therapy department engage with an international project. Currently we have 30 local artists committed to creating an art piece! The Art Auction is happening on March 17, 7:30 PM at the Oddfellows Lodge (above the Army Navy Store on Pearl St). Stay tuned for information on how to buy tickets!

We are so excited and honored to have local artist Dan Friedlander creating a matchbox inspired piece of art for our Small Resources = Big Possibilities art auction!

Check out his website:

Here’s his artist bio:

For me, creation is the currency of life.  I take clay and transform it into living forms.  Each form is a unity of my conscious and unconscious.  Each form is a unique, organic expression of life’s possibilities.

To maintain unity I use only my fingers to sculpt each form.  To maintain unity with nature I use a solar oven to convert the fluid  clay to a solid expression.

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